Схема SRS AirBag Lexus GS450H,GS300H [Европа] 2012 год

Junction ConnectorRear Side Airbag Squib Circuit LHLower No. 1 Instrument Panel Airbag AssemblyFront Seat Outer Belt Assembly LHPower Management Control ECURear Side Airbag Squib Circuit RHFront Seat Airbag Assembly LHFront Seat Inner Belt Assembly LHFront Seat Outer Belt Assembly RHJunction ConnectorJunction ConnectorFront Seat Airbag Assembly RHRear Airbag Sensor RHSide Airbag Sensor Assembly LHFront Airbag Sensor RHAirbag Cut Off Switch Cylinder Sub-AssemblyLower No. 2 Instrument Panel Airbag AssemblyJunction ConnectorAirbag Sensor AssemblyRear Seat 3 Point Type Belt Assembly Outer LHMulti-Media Module Receiver AssemblySpiral Cable Sub-Assembly , Driver Side Squib Circuit (Horn Button Assembly)Instrument Panel Passenger Airbag without Door AssemblyDriver Side Squib Circuit (Horn Button Assembly) , Spiral Cable Sub-AssemblyJunction ConnectorJunction ConnectorRear Seat 3 Point Type Belt Assembly Outer RHSide Airbag Sensor Assembly RHRear Airbag Sensor LHCombination Meter AssemblyFront Airbag Sensor LHCurtain Shield Airbag Assembly RHCurtain Shield Airbag Assembly LHFront Seat Inner Belt Assembly RHTelematics TransceiverJunction ConnectorECM d=" M 1113.31, 222.75 L 1113.31, 273.17 d=" M 1113.31, 207.73 L 1113.31, 154.76 d=" M 1215.30, 222.75 L 1215.30, 273.17 d=" M 1215.30, 207.73 L 1215.30, 154.76 d=" M 1376.77, 342.29 L 1376.77, 401.22 d=" M 1487.25, 342.29 L 1487.25, 401.22 d=" M 2209.63, 180.26 L 2209.63, 121.33 d=" M 2388.10, 273.17 L 2388.10, 231.25 d=" M 2388.10, 180.26 L 2388.10, 121.33 d=" M 2634.56, 307.73 L 2634.56, 214.25 L 2541.08, 214.25 L 2541.08, 273.17 d=" M 2779.04, 307.73 L 2779.04, 180.26 L 2524.08, 180.26 L 2524.08, 248.24 L 2541.08, 265.24 L 2541.08, 273.17 d=" M 2634.56, 341.73 L 2634.56, 690.17 L 3501.41, 690.17 L 3501.41, 469.77 d=" M 2702.55, 341.73 L 2702.55, 401.22 L 2770.54, 401.22 L 2779.04, 409.72 L 2779.04, 418.22 d=" M 2702.55, 256.74 L 2702.55, 307.73 d=" M 3229.46, 78.84 L 3229.46, 86.77 L 3212.46, 103.77 L 3212.46, 129.26 L 2702.55, 129.26 L 2702.55, 239.75 d=" M 2779.04, 604.05 L 2779.04, 537.20 d=" M 2779.04, 486.20 L 2779.04, 522.18 d=" M 2779.04, 433.23 L 2779.04, 469.21 d=" M 2779.04, 341.73 L 2779.04, 418.22 d=" M 2847.02, 307.73 L 2847.02, 180.26 L 3152.97, 180.26 L 3152.97, 205.75 d=" M 2940.51, 475.72 L 2940.51, 477.71 L 2932.01, 486.20 L 2881.02, 486.20 L 2881.02, 503.20 L 2864.02, 520.20 L 2864.02, 528.70 d=" M 3025.49, 401.22 L 3025.49, 409.72 L 3017.00, 418.22 L 2864.02, 418.22 L 2864.02, 528.70 d=" M 2898.02, 613.12 L 2898.02, 543.71 d=" M 2974.50, 613.12 L 2974.50, 475.72 d=" M 3059.49, 401.22 L 3059.49, 596.69 L 2983.00, 596.69 L 2974.50, 605.18 L 2974.50, 613.12 d=" M 2974.50, 401.22 L 2974.50, 460.71 d=" M 2974.50, 384.22 L 2974.50, 316.23 L 3365.44, 316.23 L 3365.44, 112.27 L 3390.93, 86.77 L 3390.93, 78.84 d=" M 3059.49, 384.22 L 3059.49, 358.73 L 3390.93, 358.73 L 3390.93, 220.77 d=" M 3152.97, 239.75 L 3152.97, 562.69 L 3475.92, 562.69 L 3475.92, 486.20 L 3492.92, 486.20 L 3501.41, 477.71 L 3501.41, 469.77 d=" M 3229.46, 78.84 L 3229.46, 205.75 d=" M 3390.93, 78.84 L 3390.93, 205.75 d=" M 3484.42, 197.25 L 3484.42, 273.17 Ud2Ud2AF1AF1NA3NA3Tc1Tc1NA7Ns1Ns1Ns1Ns1NA7NA6NA6NU2NU2AU1NA2AU1NA1NA1N2N3N6N3N6***If the following parts have been dropped, or have cracks, dents and other defects in their case, bracket, and connector, replace with new one.For the purpose of reuse, never disassemble and repair the following parts.Even in cases of a minor collision where the SRS does not deploy, the following parts should be inspected;*Never use SRS parts from another vehicle. When replacing parts, replace with new parts.If the vehicle is equipped with a mobile communication system, refer to the precaution in the IN section of the Repair Manual.After work on the SRS is completed, check the SRS warning light.Information labels are attached to the periphery of the SRS components. Follow the instructions of the notice.*Use a volt/ohmmeter with high impedance (10 kΩ/V minimum) for troubleshooting electrical circuits of the system.However, it is not possible to make a record of these memory contents. So when the work is finished, it will be necessary to explain it to your customer, and ask the customer to adjust the features and reset the memory.***Work must be started more than 90 seconds after the power switch is pushed to the "OFF" position and the negative (-) terminal cable is disconnected from the battery.When the negative (-) terminal cable is disconnected from the battery, the memory of the clock and audio system will be cleared. So before starting work, make a record of the contents in the audio memory system.When work is finished, reset the audio systems as they were before and adjust the clock. Some vehicles have power tilt steering, power telescopic steering, power seat and power outside rear view mirror which are all equipped with memory function.*Before repair, remove the airbag sensor if shocks are likely to be applied to the sensor during repair.NOTICE : When inspecting or repairing the SRS, perform service in accordance with the following precautionary instructions and the procedure, and precautions in the Repair Manual applicable for the model year.Malfunction symptoms of the SRS are difficult to confirm, so the DTCs become the most important source of information when troubleshooting. When troubleshooting the SRS, always inspect the DTCs before disconnecting the battery.***(The SRS is equipped with a back-up power source so that if work is started within 90 seconds from disconnecting the negative (-) terminal cable of the battery, the SRS may deploy.)To avoid erasing the memory in each system, never use a back-up power supply from outside the vehicle.*Do not expose the following parts directly to hot air or flame;* Side airbag assembly* Steering wheel pad* Front passenger airbag assembly* Curtain shield airbag assembly* Knee airbag assembly* Seat belt pretensioner* Center airbag sensor assembly* Front airbag sensor assembly* Side airbag sensor assembly* Rear airbag sensor assembly1012YY-BY-GY-RYY-BA6A5A7A8AA9A25A26Y-GY-RYY-B43N52(A),T12(B),U12(C)YY-RY-G21AP2-P2+P-P+IG221AD-D+D2-D2+N14DK-DK+10A AIR BAG4A502(IG)BY-BW-BW-BE2E13A4APK+PK-Airbag Sensor AssemblyN7419AAY-BY2Lower No. 2 Instrument Panel Airbag AssemblyLower No. 1 Instrument Panel Airbag AssemblySpiral Cable Sub-Assembly12Knee AirbagPK+PK-Knee AirbagDK+DK-2A1A3A4A12012B1A2AP+P-P2+s1(A),s2(B)D+D-D2+D2-z2(B),z3(C)2C1C2B1BN30(A),z2(B),z3(C)Driver Side Squib Circuit (Horn Button Assembly)(LHD)W-B(RHD)Instrument Panel Passenger Airbag without Door Assembly21Y-BYC6C5YY-B21B4B32A28A30WBWB12AU10SRL+SRL-SRL-SRL+Side Airbag Sensor Assembly RHSide Airbag Sensor Assembly LHU17Curtain Shield Airbag Assembly RHBBL-BBL+BCL+A18+SL-SL1-SL-SR+SR2+SR-SR+SLFront Airbag Sensor RHA4512WBWB27A29Airbag Sensor AssemblyA124B23B3421BCL-BBL-BBL+BBL-BBL+U21ICL+ICL-ICL+ICL-T17Curtain Shield Airbag Assembly LHSRR+SRR-SRR-SRR+T7T20BBR-BBR+BCR+BCR-BBR-BBR+BBR-BBR+T22Front Airbag Sensor LHICR-ICR+ICR-ICR+* 1 :w/ Rear Side Airbag(*1)(*1)(*1)(*1)12BWRG15B16BY-BY2118C17C3421BWRG1210C9CYY-B21Rear Airbag Sensor RHN52(A),T12(B),U12(C)BP2-Rear Side Airbag Squib Circuit LHRear Side Airbag Squib Circuit RHC8C712Y-BYY-BY21B1B21Front Seat Airbag Assembly LHU25PLR-PLR+U6PL-PL+U9Front Seat Outer Belt Assembly LHPR-PR+5B6BT8Y-BY1212Y-BYY-BYd32SFL+SFL-SFL+SFL-T26Airbag Cut Off Switch Cylinder Sub-AssemblyPRR-PRR+c29SFR-SFR+SFR-SFR+RR+PretensionerL-L+R+R-PretensionerAirbag Sensor AssemblyN52(A),T12(B),U12(C)Rear Seat 3 Point Type Belt Assembly Outer RHRear Seat 3 Point Type Belt Assembly Outer LH7B8BYY-B212C1CC34CYY-BYY-B2121Front Seat Outer Belt Assembly RHPretensionerFront Seat Airbag Assembly RH* 4 :w/ Airbag Cut Off Switch* 3 :w/ Telematics Transceiver* 2 :w/ PASSENGER AIRBAG ON/OFF IndicatorN90PMC+PMC-YY-B1212A11AMSW+MSW-2(*4)RL-RR-RL+Rear Airbag Sensor LHPretensionerA13Multi-Media Module Receiver AssemblyFront Seat Inner Belt Assembly LH3142LSP-LSP+LBE-LBE+C15C23C16C24GLY-BY(LHD)CANHAirbag Sensor AssemblyN52(A),T12(B),U12(C)PASSENGER AIRBAG ON/OFF IndicatorY(RHD)Y(LHD)A14GSW2YG494A264AMain Body ECUWVWBA24A18GSWGSW605A484A284A604A294AGSW3GSW24Telematics TransceiverN169(D)GWY-BYA23A17564A554A354A314APAONP-ABAIRARONN164(J)34J33J(*3)(*3)(*2)(*2)(*2)(*2)LBE+LBE-Buckle SwitchU4(LHD)Seat Position Airbag SensorLSP+LSP-(LHD)(LHD)3142RSP-RSP+RBE-RBE+B10B18B9B17GRY-BY(RHD)RBE+RBE-Buckle SwitchT5(RHD)Seat Position Airbag SensorRSP+RSP-(RHD)(RHD)(*4)Front Seat Inner Belt Assembly RH24DA22CANLPWWVBWY(LHD)Y(LHD)W(LHD)W(LHD)(LHD)(LHD)(LHD)(LHD)(LHD)(LHD)WBWP1312YW(RHD)(RHD)(RHD)(RHD)(RHD)(RHD)Junction ConnectorU67WPW18WCANLC2617GCANHC13Junction ConnectorN177W(RHD)Y(RHD)W(RHD)Y(RHD)W(RHD)W(LHD)W(LHD)P(LHD)Y(LHD)W(LHD)Junction ConnectorN178Junction ConnectorN178B(LHD)G(RHD)25ACANN12ACANP12N184Junction ConnectorRWWBBW(LHD)(LHD)(LHD *7)(LHD *7)(LHD)W(RHD *8)B(RHD *8)26A(*7)13A(*8)154176187198165165121154121165176(LHD)516617YY* 8 :2AR-FSE* 7 :2GR-FXE484961DCAN+G(*8)62DCAN-W(*8)ECMA20(A),A79(C),F70(D)B(LHD *8)W(LHD *8)WV(RHD)(RHD)VW20CAN I/FCANHIG+21B30B29BBW12(IG)V(LHD)TelltalesLED Driver(LHD)(RHD)(RHD)W(LHD)WVW(LHD)V(LHD)25D31D24D13D30DABFSCA1LCA1HCA3PCA3NA57Junction ConnectorW1817BBW(LHD)W(LHD)P(LHD)W(RHD)B(RHD)B(RHD)W(RHD)P(LHD)Junction ConnectorN177CPU(RHD *7)(RHD *7)(RHD)154176143516617R(LHD)W(LHD)B(RHD)W(RHD)W(RHD)B(RHD)W(LHD)R(LHD)R(LHD)R(RHD)W(LHD)W(RHD)P(RHD)P(LHD)W(RHD)YYYN92(D)Power Management Control ECU10A MPX-B12(BAT)5D325A185V ICESCANLB22B31BPPP5A GAUGE(LHD)5V+BW-B(RHD)W-B(LHD)W-B(LHD)W-B(RHD)Combination Meter AssemblyN40(B)

Электрические цепи подушек безопасности защищены предохранителем IG2 на 10 Ампер (красный), Машины с двигателями 2AR-FSE 2GR-FXE.. На этом автомобиле система SRS AirBag имеет коммуникацию по CAN-BUS.

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